9 Favorite Films of 2018

One liners on my top 9 of 2018…

Image one.jpg

Avengers | Infinity War was a captivating challenge, an intense emotional conclusion that left me pin-drop silenced by what felt like the most humane marvel ending yet.

In this easy but risky action, Liam Neeson is the commuter, a regimented, structured loyalist is enticed on a train ride by a woman and $100,000.

Black Panther is empowerment showcased to the masses, unapologetically giving black people a podium of recognition once taken.

Through tears, laughs and bravado, human walls broke down, unleashing vulnerable characters who I grew to care for in spite of their flaws, that was Tully; a very welcome surprise.

I thought Game Night, was humour encapsulated and by far the funniest film on my 2018 list.

Bandersnatch had multiple endings, all dictated by the viewer, a concept that intrigued more than story, but worth the watch nonetheless.

Isle of Dogs is set in a world of trash; imaginative, brilliant and emotive trash.

From portraitures of black faces shown throughout a Stokely Carmichael speech to the masterful finale that brings the events into our very real modern crisis, “BlacKkKlansman” pulls you into its fiery message with the confidence of a first-rate Spike Lee joint.

By Eric Kohn, Kate Erbland, David Ehrlich

Most things Viola Davis are top material, hence my final film of 2018, Widows.

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