Snow White & The 7 Deadly Sins

Snow White born pure and white as snow, one day heard a knock on her door.

Timorous pride stood tall, dressed as bursting confidence attracting Snow White to take her in.

Pride had found a home and when envy heard of her sister’s luck, knocked on Snow White’s door, disguised as empowerment.

Snow White (who was now known as not so pure soul) let her in thinking how lucky she was to have two new friends.

Greed heard of the other two’s fortune.

So he walked towards not so pure soul’s home and knocked on the door, disguised as wealth and need.

Snow White… well, she let him in.

With greed, pride and envy now inhabiting not so pure soul’s home, she lost all her old friends and she was sad. So when lust came in disguised as love, gluttony as appetite, wrath as power and sloth as relaxation she let them all in with no second thought.

Formally known Snow White had just welcomed a new her into her home.

The dark maiden had emerged with no trace of Snow White in sight.