Dragged into the wild, mother found root and thrived. Such ambition, determination; overall guise of invincibility. Yet despite her superhuman exterior, others still found it easy to warm up to her expression, respecting my mother’s unwavering ability to be true to herself. Few got to see that tough shell melt, leaving behind a sensitive soul, whose shadows ate at her, a woman who occasionally struggled to keep it together past the deep hurts and fears. But that incredible resilience, intelligence, honesty, and stamina saw her through most of it.

I sometimes envied her… sometimes.

We had a good thing. A love so profound and unconditional, the ultimate form of ‘give and take’. A love despite everything saw us for who we were.

The yang to my yin. From her I learned assertion, ambition, charm, sleepless nights, suppression, anxiety, courage, tears, evolution, purpose and authenticity.

To Minnie, my late mama and all you wonderful mothers who curve sculptures and mould wonders out of rock and dirt you are loved.

17 Feb 1950 – 24 April 2007

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