I’m Kairu, A kenyan-born, melbourne-based mama, singer and writer

Growing up I was surrounded by strong matriarchal influences that played a significant role in inspiring my creative expression. They included my mother, Tracy Chapman, Meryl Streep, Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Nina and many more.

Writing and music became a means of escape, and slowly evolved into a deep need to express and understand life and its neutrality.

My first book, The Road Most Travelled, was part of this exploration. After losing my mother suddenly in 2007, I felt a strong need to deeply mourn and unleash the despair I felt, so I wrote The Road Most Travelled. Narrated by the grim reaper and based loosely on real characters, the novella is a collection of stirring dark anecdotes that echo expressions of our shared humanity, a reminder of our oneness and impermanence.