Body wore culottes and a side sway well. The lines on its face spoke of a life less mundane, lines that spelt Botox-induced-youth, in big bold italicised font. No evidence of the drowned Hennessy and two-pack-a-day tobacco habit. Its curves sculptured by beetroot salad, scalpel and a gym membership, all prioritised in routine alignment for [...]

One Night

Him Cut in oval shapes, Toni's nails were painted in the perfect shade of blue. Not many can pull off presidential blue, but she could... she did. She smelt of spiced earl grey and tobacco, two of my favourite things. The closest thing I knew to perfection... effortlessly so. Yet I remained unmoved by her, [...]

The Last Supper

Enveloped in the scent of gardenia gardens & spiced apple pie was a handwritten note that read, “I promise you a night to die for.” Upon her arrival, he delivered as promised, With a noose around her neck. She wanted to love him. He wanted to love her. But if she was not going to [...]

Doors Wide Shut

Isolation soon became him. Doors wide shut. No entry, no exit. Forced out and apart on rare occasion to quench his drink thirst. Camouflaged trench and drink thirst spiked, he approached the iconic outback pub. Rough as guts, full of hard-looking characters with gold for hearts… He took to his usual seat location. Five-second immediacy to the bar and gents, [...]

Black Female Privilege

There was a rancid stigma tiptoeing in the background; a populated injustice I had no direct evidence existed. It was by oath, visual and word by others that I’d come to learn of it. Never had it appeared before me in black and white; only in debatable greyish hints with specks of secondary colour. I’d [...]