Relationships that end

Relationships that end are not failures, they are not time wasted. They are unions between people who are mostly doing the best they can, swimming in the traumas they have. Staggering along, one foot in front of the next, hoping they are doing good enough and praying the other is doing the same. And when [...]


Dragged into the wild, mother found root and thrived. Such ambition, determination; overall guise of invincibility. Yet despite her superhuman exterior, others still found it easy to warm up to her expression, respecting my mother’s unwavering ability to be true to herself. Few got to see that tough shell melt, leaving behind a sensitive soul, [...]

The True Narrative

To believe that others are horrible (or treat me horribly) is not a fun world to be in. To believe I'm horrible and a piece of shit is not a fun world to be in. A much better narrative, is to know we all have attachment insecurities, micro reactions, quick traumas that are triggered and [...]

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are a song sung when no one is listening, a tear shed when everyone is watching. A rant to a stranger, silence in the presence of those we love.Grief is silent and loud. It's frantic, detached, needy, wallowing, angry. It's a reminder of love. It is love. It's fading then present and [...]

One Night

Him Cut in oval shapes, Toni's nails were painted in the perfect shade of blue. Not many can pull off presidential blue, but she could... she did. She smelt of spiced earl grey and tobacco, two of my favourite things. The closest thing I knew to perfection... effortlessly so. Yet I remained unmoved by her, [...]

Doors Wide Shut

Isolation soon became him. Doors wide shut. No entry, no exit. Forced out and apart on rare occasion to quench his drink thirst. Camouflaged trench and drink thirst spiked, he approached the iconic outback pub. Rough as guts, full of hard-looking characters with gold for hearts… He took to his usual seat location. Five-second immediacy to the bar and gents, [...]